Cures for Constipation

I can tell you how to cure constipation. It is not difficult.

The simplest, safest and most effective way to treat constipation (I'm talking about chronic constipation) is to change your diet.

There you go. Three simple words.

Maybe you are looking for some quick cure for constipation. The tips on this page will get you going and are also very effective for occasional constipation.

Keep Reading And I'll Tell You About a Few Simple Natural Constipation Remedies

There are some dietary steps that you can take to improve your overall health and get some relief from constipation. Simple, natural home remedies that you can start using today.

But you should seriously look at changing your overall diet. If you are not having a bowel movement at least once every day (if not two or three times per day) you are just asking for trouble. Colon trouble. And the fact that you are now looking for a constipation treatment means that it is pretty uncomfortable. Right?

Just try changing your diet. Really. That is all you need do to get rid of constipation forever.

Effective Natural Home Remedies to Cure Constipation

Take Psyllium

Psyllim seeds are a natural bulking agent that is effective against constipation. They also do a little colon cleanse and detoxing along the way.

Metamucil is a psyllium-seed product but these days straight psyllium seeds are readily availalble and you can take them every day.

Stir one teaspoon in an 8 oz (250ml) glass of water and drink it down. Then follow up with plenty of water throughout the day or they will not help and will only make your constipation worse.

Add Flax Seeds to Your Diet

Eat ground flax seeds or drink flax-seed water.

Learn why flax seeds are a natural for constipation and just plain healthy eating.

Senna Tea: An Herbal Laxative

Widely recommended by health care practitioners, tea made with the herb senna is a natural but safe and effective laxative.

An even more "...potent constipation remedy is sennaed prunes." This recommendation comes from Dr Adriane Fugh-Berman MD.

Just cover one cup of prunes with boiling water. Add a senna tea bag and brew for five to twenty minutes. Refrigerate over night before taking.

Treat this like medicine...a constipation medicine. Take small doses until you learn how quickly and well it works for you.

Just because this is a natural remedy for constipation and better than an over-the-counter drugstore treatment, it doesn't mean you should rely on it too often. You can still end up with a lazy bowel. Better to seek a healthier diet.

Dates Relieve Constipation!

Dates have a special type of soluable fiber. In addition to decreasing your body's absorption of cholesterol and keeping blood sugars level, it acts as a very mild stool softener.

While dates are higher in natural sugar (thus higher in calories) than most fruits, they keep you satisfied longer and this aids weight loss. They are also chock full of nutrients.

Get Exercise Every Day!

A sedentary life is a common cause of constipation. You don't have to run a marathon. Try walking thirty minutes a day or spend fifteen minutes doing some simple yoga exercises. But exercise!

Food Cures for Constipaton

Eat fresh fruit, rolled oats (or rye or barley or a combination) and probiotic rich yogurt for breakfast. It's simple. It's easy. It's good. Start with this homemade muesli recipe. Once you start eating muesli every day for breakfast, you won't look back. I promise.

And no milk on the muesli please. (See the recipe!) Today's milk is pretty useless really. Unless it is good old-fashioned organic and raw...not pasteurised (kills the good bacteria) and not homogenised (creates unhealthy cholesterol). Basically I'm suggesting you get your own cow because that's probably the only way to get this kind of wholesome healthy milk. Impractical I realise. So just give it up.

And Whatever You Do...Avoid Vitamin A Fortified Milk

Studies show an increased risk of osteoporosis in women who drink more than one glass per day of vitamin A fortified milk. If the milk is good why does it have to be fortified with any thing at all? It's a marketing con.

But back to cures for the constipated...

Eat More Raw Food to Cure Constipation

Eat raw vegetables, lots of fruit (fresh or dried), nuts and seeds. And lots of greens. It's simple really. More fiber. Less junk. Constipation cured.

Why is Raw Food Better?

Unlike cooked and processed foods, raw foods are more nutrient, with remedial value and do not interfere with the complex balance of chemicals and essential nutrients involved in the body chemistry.

The Benefits of Eating More Raw Food

  • Skin improves.
  • Eyes become clear.
  • You lose weight.
  • Aging slows down.
  • Chronic fatigue gone.
  • Mood swings disappear.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Lower cholesterol

If you make these changes to your diet, your constipation will go away. Nine times out of ten. Why? Because you will be getting plenty of fiber and more magnesium. Magnesium is essential for a healthy bowel. It also counteracts the constipating effect of calcium. Every body needs a healthy dose of calcium but calcium without magnesium or too much calcium causes constipation.

Oh...And Give Up Eating Bread

Unthinkable, I know. But once you get off it and things start moving regularly...including your'll be glad. You'll feel a whole lot better. Let's face it...much of today's bread is made with highly processed flour. Nothing good is left in it. The grain has been completely stripped of any nutrition. Then it also has lots of sugar in it. How else do you think the manufacturer can get you addicted to this unwholesome commodity? Loaded with sugar and sans fiber or any real nutritional value, eating junk bread is a recipe for toxicity and chronic constipation. And it does cause gas bloating and constipation. Go without for ten days and feel the difference.

Try Eating Essene Bread

There's a strong probability that the bread you eat is garbage (highly processed) and it's creating garbage in your gut. Toxic garbage. Every wonder why you get so much abdominal bloating? So if you really want to eat bread try sprouted grain breads. This live food is a great constipation remedy. Don't fall for the fake sprouted breads. If it's the real thing...I mean real sprouted grain'll find it in the fridge or freezer section of an organic store. It will be dark and dense. Sprouted wheat. Sprouted Rye. It is fairly moist and it does fall apart easily. You can't keep it too long but it usually comes in small loaves anyway. This bread is naturally sweet, delicious and so good for you. Properly made, sprouted wheat bread has nothing but sprouted grain berries (Wheat or rye) and perhaps nuts, seeds or raisins but no flour, no oil, no preservatives, no sugar, no salt. It is delicious toasted and it will not cause indigestion but it will cure constipation.

Dump the Meat

Eat fish instead. If you must eat meat it should be more raw than cooked (but then you have to worry about parasites) and eat plenty of fresh greens along with it.

If you choose to include flesh meats like fish, red meat, and white meat in your diet, it's best to prepare them using low temperature cooking methods like steaming, boiling, and braising. High cooking temperatures increase the likelihood of making the protein and fat in animal foods harmful to your body.

Read the complete article by Dr Ben Kim on getting the right protein in your diet.

Also, try a glass of red wine with that meat. Just one. The reason for drinking red wine with meat is it helps the digestion. You can also eat pineapple or papaya after eating meat. These fruits contain natural enzymes that will help the digestion.

Always Drink Plenty of Water

You should always drink plenty of water but especially as you take the steps outlined here. Changing your diet in the ways I've suggested will increase the dietary fiber...essential to a healthy colon. But if you increase the fiber without drinking plenty of to two quarts (litres) per day...this will also have a constipating effect.

You should also note that increasing your intake of both fresh fruit and vegetables may initially cause a lot of gas. This happens for a variety of reasons but if you persist, it will pass. Once your body gets used to eating more healthy foods it won't produce the gas.

Ginger tea will relieve gastrointestinal distress. Not only is it delicious and good for the immune system but it will quickly and effectively eliminate gas and other symptoms of an unsettled stomach.

The best ginger tea is made with fresh ginger root. In a tea pot, pour just-to-the-boil water over a small piece of ginger root..adjust the quantity to your taste...that is thinly sliced, diced or grated. Let it steep for 20 minutes. Drink as is or with a teaspoon of honey or agave nectar, a squeeze of lemon...however you like it.

As little as two or three sips should sooth your stomach and almost immediately. Pour the excess tea into a jar and refrigerate. It is delicious iced or use it to thin down a fruit smoothie.

Just in Case You Aren't Listening...Let Me Tell You a Few of the Terrible Things About Constipation

Chronic constipation is precursor to colon cancer. You can read all about it on our page about detoxing but basically...constipation creates a toxic environment that leads to cancer. And the constant strain to move your bowels causes hemorrhoids. Besides, chronic constipation just makes you feel bad. But you already know that or you would not be here looking for a natural cure for constipation.

Throw Out Your Laxatives!

Laxatives...the chemical kind...they simply aren't good for you. The over use of laxatives will make the constipation worse because your bowels will get lazy. And they can cause an imbalance of sodium and potassium. A chronic imbalance of these two very important nutrients is the cause of or contributes to a multitude of trouble from high blood pressure to stomach cancer. (Read a detailed article on the Potassium to Sodium Ratio.)

A Final Note About Constipation Cures: Water, Fiber, Food Variety and Exercise

Get 77 Remedies for Constipation and eliminate constipation in 7 days.

Constipation causes in today's world are primarily linked to an unhealthy diet and a dependency on pharmaceutical drugs (read your prescription labels for side-effects). But there is a long list of healthy natural foods that will certainly help cure constipation. The essential ingredients include plenty of fiber from a variety of plant sources, water or water and daily exercise (just walk!).

If you eat a wide variety of natural foods you will get all the nutrients that you need for a healthy digestion. Your diet should include lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. Don't forget herbs and spices.

Ditch the junk: fried foods, soda pops, highly processed manufactured foods and sugar! You will cure constipation, lose weight, get more energy, feel better and live a longer, healthier life.

Now I hope you get moving!

Contributing Editor Gigi Gerow
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