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The concept of a body cleanse or a detox takes on a completely different priority when you realize the extent to which body toxins are found in your every day beauty products, household cleaners, the air you breath, the food you eat and the liquids you drink.

It is no longer just about weight loss, curing constipation or cleaning out your colon because of bad eating habits. Now it is about ridding your body of allergy and disease causing pollutants.

The task of detoxing and then adopting a greener life-style is daunting and not just a little bit overwhelming.

And depending on your approach the detox exercise can become very expensive. You this 3-week detox kit full of powerful herbs that promise to rid your body of everything from parasites to heavy metals.

What are the alternatives?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that off-the-shelf fast-track kits are not worthy or don't work. There are many good products that make detoxing easy. I have some favourites. But the really goods ones are costly and it is a waste of money if you are just going to revert back to a toxic diet.

I am more interested in long-term effective ways to detox every day with healthy natural food stuffs.

Below you will find a variety of ways and means to naturally detox your body. Some programs are quick fixes but others provide long-term life-style changes that will help rid your body of threatening pollutants and toxins while providing substantial health benefits.

The Master Cleanse

One of my favourite detox methods is the The Master Cleanser. This detox was originally published in the 1950's by Stanley Burroughs. It is thorough, stimulates weight loss and when I reach the end of this detox...well it just feels damn good!

And the Master Cleanse is a challenge. I describe it as a rather dramatic system and perhaps not for every one. But it is very popular and if you can go the distance it is very rewarding. There are a number of How To references that expand on the original publication and may help enhance your success and experience:

The Total Wellness Cleanse

If you are seeking a long-term life-changing program, the Total Wellness Cleanse by Holistic Nutrtionist Yuri Elkaim is highly recommended.

This is a 30-day plan that promises to transform you body and your mind. Yuri offers a proven holistic cleansing plan, while giving you day-by-day support, a detailed dietary, exercise, a lifestyle action plan, and results that will make you wish you'd discovered Yuri sooner.

No magic supplements or gimmicky detox formulas but a cleansing diet that will rid your body of fat, chemicals and toxic pollution. Yuri's cleanse is designed to eliminate toxins from both your body tissue and your toxic overloaded organs.

Yuri teaches you about nutrition, digestion, cell survival, parasites, candida, cleansing foods, helpful detoxifiers, and includes recipes for both the cleanse and post-cleanse phases.

Yuri's Total Wellness Cleanse is a comprehensive life-changing system. This isn't just a cleansing program but a well organised and phased education with on going support from Yuri and his team. And of course, there is a money-back guarantee.

The Total Wellness Cleanse is one of the top detox programs.

Joy Houston's Rocking Body Raw Food Diet

Detox, lose weight and feel great with a raw food diet. Experience the raw food high with this 14-day Rocking Body Raw Food Diet.

This is another life-changing plan. You receive a full education on the nutritional benefits of raw food. Get access to over 100 videos, more than 75 recipes and a detailed 14 day menu plan.

Extend your life, improve your health and get what Joy calls a rocking body.

Chorella Man

Feeling chronically fatiqued? Fuzzy headed? Cranky? Weak? Is it possible you are polluted by heavy metals? Recover your health with this plan which is specifically for eliminating Heavy Metals.

Dr Janet Star Hull

Dr Hull offers three choice detoxification methods to eliminate heavy metals, chemical toxins, excitotoxins (from artificial sweetners) and more.

She has an excellent forum where she contributes answers to patient questions on a daily basis. Even if you are not interested in her detox program the stories and information found in her forum are riveting.

Dr Mauro

Dr Mauro is a Doctor of Naturopathy, a prolific writer of natural health books and articles, and his detox and vitality plan offers weight loss, increased energy, clear skin, less joint pain, and better sex. Dr Mauro's detox is a three week enlightening program.

Super Simple Detox

Detox 101 is a beginner's guide to healthy natural detoxification using 68 different seasonal super foods. No fasting! No fussy detox drinks! No need to purchase expensive powders! Just simple all year round detoxing with good natural foods.

If you want a practical reference that will develop your knowledge of foods that detox you naturally, this is it.

A Quick Cleanse

Detox every two weeks with this 2 Day Detox Diet. Lose weight. Get energized. Save money. This plan focuses on inexpensive detox recipes that you can make at home. Not a starvation diet. Includes two bonus ebooks on Meditation and Yoga.

If you want to get your feet wet with a simple not too difficult two-day detox, this is a good starter reference.

If you don't find a detox method to your liking in the list above, sign up to my natural detox tips for easy and simple ways to detox daily.

Contributing Editor Gigi Gerow

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