What is a Parasite Cleanse?

The first step to eliminating unwanted bugs is a parasite cleanse. A good parasite cleanse will be effective against adult parasites, their developing young and the eggs. In some cases each stage of the parasite life-cycle requires a different treatment.  A good parasite cleanse will cater for each stage.

Cleanse to Expel the Remains

Your parasite cleanse should include a colon cleanse to help expel the dead parasites, their eggs, their toxins and to strength your immune system. Another reason to do a colon cleanse is the fact that parasites thrive in an impacted colon.

Parasites can also travel to other organs. For this reason a parasite cleanse that includes detoxification of the liver and kidney is a recommended protocol for repairing the effects of a parasitic infection and for renewing your overall health.  Not to mention that cleansing can result in significant weight loss, an unexpected benefit.

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Parasite Symptoms Mimic Other Diseases

It is extremely easy to pickup a parasite. A kiss. A handshake. A taste of fruit. A bite of rare meat or raw fish. A drink of water. A naked romp. A barefoot walk in the park. A freshwater swim. An insect bite. An exoctic holiday in the tropics.

And the symptoms of some parasite infections are so similar to other ailments that parasite infections are often overlooked as the possible cause of both acute and chronic illness. If you are suffering from recurring gastrointestinal trouble or constant fatigue, mysterious anaemia or any other unexplained malady you may wish to consider a thorough parasite cleanse.

Parasites Are a Family Affair !!!

A parasite cleanse is something that the whole family, pets included, should undergo at least twice a year. Former generations knew that a regular parasite cleanse was an essential part of their health care. Over time, modern practices have convinced us that we are immune to parasites. But today's research tells us that parasites of one form or another are present and involved in every major illness from Cancer to Crohn's to Aids. If you have pets and young children the probability is high that your whole family is infected right now...with worms at least...unless of course you are already taking steps to to do a regular parasite cleanse. It is not difficult or onerous and there are simple dietary steps that you can take to make it difficult for parasites to even establish themselves in your body.

The Main Categories of Parasites

There are 3 main categories of parasites that infect humans and 1 other category that is not always described as a parasite.

  • Helminths: a fancy word for a wide variety of worms!
  • Protozoans: microscopic organisms that are usually invisible to the naked eye.
  • Ectoparasites: bugs that burrow into the skin.
  • Arthropods: bugs that visit just long enough to suck your blood and leave behind other parasites (mosquitoes leave the plasmodium parasite that causes malaria).

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Learn More About Parasites

There are hundreds if not thousands of parasites that can infect many parts of the body from your blood to your intestine to your eye or brain or skin. Besides lice, worm infestations are probably the most common infection depending on where you've traveled and where you live. If you live in a tropical climate malaria is a leading parasitic threat to your health.

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