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Do you have these gingivitis symptoms?

  • Your gums are bleeding. They feel irritated.
  • Your breath smells bad.
  • And even your teeth are beginning to feel sensitive.
  • Eating is uncomfortable.

These are the gingivitis symptoms and you may seriously need a gingivitis remedy.

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. It is typically caused by poor dental hygiene that results in the build up of bacterial plaque around the gum line. It is this plaque that causes the gums to become inflamed. If neglected too long the gums may begin to bleed and the gingivitis may develop into periodontitis. Periodontitis is inflammation that occurs below the gum line. This more serious condition will eventually result in both bone and tooth loss.

Treat your bleeding gums with a natural gingivitis remedy and prevent periodontitis.

Periodontitis causes a receding of the gums resulting in gaps between the gum and the teeth. These deep open pockets around the teeth are hard to clean. They end up harboring bacteria that eventually causes painful infections. These infections may spread to the bone that support your teeth. Your gums may need to be cut open and the bacterial infection scraped away from the bone. It is a very unpleasant and preventable condition. And research indicates that when left untreated this gum disease can lead to heart attacks. Do not ignore this disease. You can reverse gingivitis with natural remedies.

Can Gingivitis Cause Other Health Problems?

Contracting gingivitis may increase your risk of serious health problems such as poorly controlled diabetes, pre-term labour, stroke and heart attack. Heart-surgery patients are forbidden from flossing their teeth because oral bacteria, if it gets into the bloodstream, can cause infective endocarditis (heart inflammation). The fear for surgery patients is that a flossing cut will creat a wound through which oral bacteria can flow into the blood stream. Likewise, if you have bleeding gums, this is an avenue for bacteria to enter your blood stream. Naturally, when you swallow, oral bacteria enters your stomach but if you have a healthy digestive tract it will produce acid that kills the array of bacteria that you swallow every day. But if you have bleeding gums you really need to get a gingivitis remedy to avoid these other risks.

This gingivitis cure is 100% pure and is a natural enemy of oral bacteria. It cleans your mouth and kills harmful oral bacteria.

Follow These Simple Steps for a Proven Gingivitis Remedy

If you have gingivitis you can take some easy steps to treat it and prevent further problems. First, see a dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Let's hope you have a mild case of gingivitis that will clear up with a good cleaning. Follow up with a daily habit of brushing and flossing. Do this at least twice a day and then plan an annual visit to the dentist for a regular descaling and complete checkup. To prevent gingivitis in children teach them from an early age how to brush and floss their teeth so that it becomes a health habit.

Even before you see a dentist, you can start using a natural gingivitis remedy that dissolves plaque and prevents future build up. Within days your gums will feel better and in a short time they will return to a normal pink, healthy condition. I had excellent success with this gingivitis treament and I have periodontitis.

My Periodontitis Was a Terrible Problem

I developed periodontitis disease as a result of two things. First, I suffered from a case of chronic anaemia that continued on and off over a period of six years. This caused recurring gingivitis. I also had a mouth full of old amalgam fillings which I now believe contributed to the sensitivity of my teeth and the inflammation of my gums. Despite quarterly visits to a specialist for regular deep cleaning and the treatment of gingivitis, I developed serious periodontitis. I've had surgery twice with my gums cut open and the bone scraped to get rid of infections. When my gums receded exposing the roots of my teeth, I had painful gum graphs.

I Considered Pulling One of My Teeth Because the Pain Caused by Deep Pockets Drove Me Nuts Until...

Once the anaemia was finally diagnosed and treated, I experienced less trouble but now I have deep pockets around several teeth. Even with the use of an irrigation unit such as a Water Pik, I've had recurring gingivitis and infections associated with these deep pockets. I've tried a variety of chemicals like Listerine, Oradex, Colgate's Chlorohex (toxic stuff) and natural gingivitis remedies including salt, baking soda, honey, cinnamon and cloves. Salt water and honey water were the two most effective for immediate relief from an infection. But the gum infections recurred. My gums often felt irritated and my teeth felt sensitive. Recently I thought I would have one of my teeth pulled and replaced with a bridge because the ongoing maintenance and pain associated with the deep pockets around the tooth were driving me nuts. No gingivitis remedy worked and I also experienced unexplained mouth ulcers from time to time.

I was feeling really desperate about the continuous pain and inflammation caused by the deep pockets when I came across OraMD. I was encouraged by the multitude of genuine testimonials. With a 100% money-back guarantee and a mere $19.95 investment (a 3 month supply) I thought I had nothing to lose with this natural gingivitis remedy.

I followed the instructions explicitly, replacing my toothpaste completely and eliminating the use of any other mouthwash. After just a few days of using this gingivitis remedy I got blessed pain-relief. And after one month of daily use all of my gum problems, mouth ulcers and tooth pain vanished. No kidding. My most troublesome sensitive teeth are no longer a bother. I am so happy and relieved that I have found a way to prevent the chronic gum infections that I am recommending this product to anyone and everyone who will listen.

I strongly recommend Oramd as a complete replacement for toothpaste. Everyone in my household has started using it and when the first bottle ran out, there was panic and uproar.

If you have gum disease you will want to read additional information about gingivitis including why this gingivitis remedy works so well.

To get quick and lasting relief Treat your bleeding gums with a natural gingivitis remedy and prevent periodontitis.

This testimonial is written by Gigi Gerow, a contributing editor. This is a real testimonial written by a real person and these are her true results. If you have questions about this testimonial you can use our contact page to contact Gigi with questions.

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