Natural Detox Methods

Provided it isn't over-exposed to toxins, your body will naturally detox itself. In theory, it shouldn't be necessary to take extraordinary steps to eliminate toxins. Unfortunately, western capitalism promotes a diet that consists of many unhealthy foods, additives, substitutes and plastics that are simply toxic. Then there is the toxic environment in which we live: polluted air, water, soil. Finally there are the many pharmaceutical or recreational drugs that are consumed for one reason or another. All the more reason to learn about natural detox methods.

The Detoxing Organs

You have six organs that work to eliminate toxins in one way or another.

The Liver

Processes the blood, manufactures and metabolizes elements, eliminates toxins through bile.

The Kidney

Filters the blood and eliminates toxins via urine.

The Skin

Protects against incoming toxins and foreign bodies and excretes toxins via sweat.

The Lungs

Filter out breathed in toxic particles (dust, soot, mold, fungi, bacteria) and gases.

The Lymphatic System

Transports nutrition via lymphatic fluids through the body; filters out and destroys foreign bodies.

The Digestion

Breaks food down into nutrients, aborbs nutrients, eliminates undigestible parts of food.

What is the Primary Cause of Toxicity?

The primary cause of toxicity today is a diet that consists of unhealthy food. Foods that are fried, made with white flour, high in sugar with too much salt; foods that contain chemicals and cooked meats that are hard for your body to digest. In response to this toxic diet, the digestive system fails to break the food down in a normal way. Nutrients are not absorbed and the bowel has to cope with undigested food. Eventually it gets lined with a protective mucous which converts to what is called mucoid plaque. This plaque is hard to eliminate and it becomes a feeding ground for unhealthy bacteria and parasites which in turn produce even more toxins, toxins that get into your blood stream and damage other organs.

Constipation - The Tell Tale Sign

If you suffer from constipation learn about natural remedies to cure constipation.

The next thing that happens is constipation which forces toxins to backup into the liver, over-taxing its filtering system and further polluting your blood. Then the kidney is faced with the job of filtering excessively toxic blood. All the while these excessive toxins are also lodging themselves in the lymphatic system and your immune system begins to react.

And Then We Notch It Up With Pharmaceuticals

In the meantime, you start taking drugs to treat symptoms that are beginning to reflect your body's inability to cope with the toxins. Since the liver is already toxic it is not capable of properly metabolizing the drugs...another function that it normally performs. And this results in further toxicity. Add to this mix the every day environmental toxins that are almost impossible to avoid: polluted water, air, and soil.

Where or How Do You Start to do a Natural Detox?

The short answer to that question is change your diet. The long answer is greater awareness about dietary choices and the development of new eating and exercise habits. The simplest and easiest natural detox step that you can take today is to start eating more raw foods. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetable salads, drink fresh juices and herbal teas, snack on raw nuts and seeds and drink plenty of filtered water.

Do a Fast or Colon Cleanse To Get More Dramatic Results

Most natural detoxing programs begin with a colon cleanse. Some methods like The Master Cleanse are simple if not a little bit radical while others are more involved combining dietary recommendations with herbal concoctions. The latter are less extreme and certainly more costly but are more natural detox methods.

Our recommendation is to start slowly. Gradually introduce doable yet practical changes to your daily diet while you explore the wide variety of natural detoxing products and methods.

Get Our Tips on Natural Detoxing

Did you know that the juice from half a lemon in a glass of warm water first thing in the morning (30 minutes before breakfast) helps to detox the liver?

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