Experience the Benefit of Turmeric With This Easy-to-Make Tonic

Once used as a cure for jaundice the benefit of turmeric as a natural remedy is becoming well known as more and more scientific studies confirm that turmeric protects against heart disease and cancer. High in antioxidants, it has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a digestive aid, a skin and wound healer and a liver remedy. The benefit of turmeric includes the relief of pain and inflammation and the treatment of parasites.

In parts of Asia, turmeric juice mixed with honey is consumed as a daily health tonic and current research indicates that its anti-inflammatory properties may be responsible for the low incident of Alzheimer's disease in India.

How to Make A Turmeric Tonic

The staff at Inward Bliss regularly enjoy the benefit of turmeric with the following blend.

Take a thumb-size piece of fresh turmeric root and blend with enough filtered or spring water and the juice of a lemon or lime to make one to two 8-ounce glasses for an effective pain remedy.

Gigi Gerow, a Contributing Editor at Inward Bliss swears that this concoction is an effective remedy for her migraine headaches. At the onset of a migraine she drinks 1 glass and if necessary she follows with a second glass 30 to 60 minutes later.

This is a strong tasting tonic and it may require a touch of honey or agave nectar to make it palatable.

For a smoother tasting tonic you can juice the turmeric instead of using the whole root. You will need to use a larger piece of turmeric for juicing.


Another benefit of tumeric is that there are no reported side-effects although some references suggest that people with gall bladder problems should avoid turmeric.

As with all medicinal remedies use essential oils, spices and herbs with caution. Start with small amounts to test for allergic reactions. Some herbs, spices and oils are not suitable for use by children or pregnant women.

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