Prevent Disease with an Inflammation Free Diet

Why is an inflammation free diet plan so important today? Oh those aching joints! What about that foggy brain or unreliable memory? And is your digestion bothering you? Worse yet, maybe you have heart trouble. These are not symptoms of old age. These things don't happen because you are turning 40 or 50 or 60. This happens because of a poor and toxic diets. You may be experiencing the long term effects of pollution and critical nutritional deficiencies.  Aching joints, fogging brain, poor digestion, chronic constipation, these are all symptoms of inflammation and an inflammation free diet plan will help restore your immunity and can prevent and reverse debilitating diseases.

The call for an inflammation free diet plan is a response to the mounting research which proves that chronic inflammation is the cause of many diseases.

The most powerful concept in disease prevention and treatment today is inflammation...In a series of medical break throughs, scientists have discovered that inflammation is a common thread linking heart disease, some forms of cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, asthma, migraine headaches, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, periodontal disease, sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Inflammation is related to aging, obesity, stroke, fatigue, depression, and allergic reactions.

The Inflammation Cure, William Joel Meggs, M.D. Ph.D, P.ix. 2004

Research also proves that the western diet of processed foods, high sugar, unhealthy plastic fats, low fibre, red meats and toxic drugs is a large contributing factor to the illness and disease resulting from chronic inflammation.

What is Inflammation and Why Is It A Good Thing?

Inflammation is your body's response to a threatening or foreign substance be it bacteria, a virus, or toxins. It is your body's way of creating its own biochemical weapons that are designed to envelope and destroy invaders.

Fever is a sign of the inflammation process in action. A high fever is designed to kill bacteria or viruses that cannot survive high temperatures and it is a call to your immune system to produce an army of fighters such as antibodies. Redness, swelling and pain are other symptoms of inflammation and a sign that your immune system is engaged in an active battle against some invading force.

But if the process of inflammation continues persistently and for too long then an autoimmune response may occur. The body attacks its own tissue resulting in such things as allergies, asthma, arthritis, cancer, colitis and Crohns disease, depression, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Get Started on the Road to Healthier Living with an Inflammation Free Diet Plan!

An inflammation free diet plan is not boring and tasteless. In fact many delicious herbs and spices such as black pepper, chilli, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and cloves are proving to be both anti-inflammatory and high in cancer fighting anti-oxidants.

Learn more about the multitude of benefits in an inflammation free diet plan.

We are meant to eat a diet high in green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, lean protein from wild game; carbohydrates and fiber from vegetables, tubers and fruits. Humans did not evolve eating large amounts of grains, processed carbohydrates, refined sugars, fats or oils. In returning to the diet of our down-to-earth ancestors, we give ourselves the opporutnity to treat or prevent depression, heart disease, diabetes, inflammatory disorders, and other modern ailments.

The Omega-3 Connection, Dr Andrew L Stoll, MD, 2002, p200

It is easy to get started and as with any change it takes an awareness and persistence. But once you have experienced the joy of a pain free and able body and a crystal clear mind maintaining a healthy diet will come naturally. Here are some key steps to getting on an inflammation free diet plan.


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Make sure that your diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables and other other foods high in antioxidants.

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