The Giardia Lamblia Parasite

Giardia is a single-cell microscopic parasite that causes giardiasis, an intestinal disease.  Infection occurs when water or food is contaminated or when poor hygiene results in direct contact with the giardia lablia organism.

Natural Remedies for Parasites

There are a wide variety of herbal remedies that will kill amoebas such as giardia. The following herbal recommendations are mentioned in a variety of sources but the doses mentioned here are from Dr James A Duke's book Green Pharmacy.

Cinchona Bark

This bark makes a bitter tea that contains a variety of active compounds that fight ameobas. Herbalists recommend steeping 1/2 teaspoon of this powdered herb and drinking 2 to 3 cups per day.


This herb contains three compounds that kill amoebas. A one-time dose of 30 drops of an ipecac tincture is recommendation of the German government to treat giardia.

Seeds of the Papaya

The piquant seeds of the Papaya fruit contain active compounds that kill parasites. Chew a few seeds or add crushed seeds to a fruit smoothie.

Sweet Wormword

The herb Sweet Annie, also known as Sweet Wormword or Artemisis Annua contains the active ingredient artemisininwhich is well known to be effective against intesitnal parasites. To make a tea, use two to five teaspoons. Per Dr James drink 3 to 5 cups per day.

Mango Fruits

In his book Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Dr Michael Murray reports on studies that prove the mango fruit is effective in guarding against giardia and is just as effective as the drug tinidazol.

Turmeric and Ginger

The herbal roots turmeric and its related cousin ginger are widely reported to be effective against all sorts of intestinal parasites. See our turmeric tonic recipe.

Stinky Garlic

Garlic is also widely reported as effective against parasites and microorganisms in particular.  Garlic must be chopped or crushed and consumed raw to benefit from the active ingredient allicin.

Until recently, giardia was more common in developing countries where santitation is poor and clean water is lacking. But giardia is now common around the world.   The contamination of fresh water ways in North American is so rife that it is no longer safe to drink from fresh waters sources without appropriate treatment. Swimming in fresh water pools also poses a risk of infection. As with pinworms among children, giardia lamblia is easily contracted and passed around.

Symptoms of Giardiasis

Symptoms of giardiasis occur approximately two weeks after infection. The symptoms include watery, smelly diarrhea and may include greasy stools that float. Stomach cramps, gas or flatulence, nausea and loss of appetite may also occur. On the other hand it is fairly common for healthy individuals to weather a bout of giardiasis without symptoms. When giardiasis becomes chronic it can last for months or years and symptoms are characterised by bad digestion, weakness and exhaustion.

Diagnosis of Giardia Lamblia

Giardiasis is diagnosed by the examination of stool samples to detect the cysts (larvae sacs). Several samples may be required since the cysts may not be expelled in every stool. A new method of diagnosis called ELISA is more reliable and requires only one sample.

Giardia Lamblia Prevention

Avoid drinking untreated water or swimming in water that is potentially contaminated by animal fecies. Untreated water should be boiled for at least three minutes before consumption. Wash or peel all uncooked fruits and vegetables. Practice good hygiene habits and personal cleanliness. Dispose of fecal matter in a proper way.

Try a Child-Safe Parasite Remedy

Worm Out is a child-safe natural remedy. It contains wormwood which is effective against giardia.

Keep parasites at bay with Cinnamon Tea. Try our Cinnamon Tea recipe

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