Malaria is a Mosquito Borne Parasitic Disease


In a year, over 200 million people suffer with Malaria. It runs rampant in tropical and sub-tropical countries where living standards are poor and health care is not readily available. Young children and pregnant women are most at risk of dying unnecessarily from a disease that has been eradicated in more affluent countires.

Even the warm and humid southern US states were hot spots for malaria once upon a time.

Malaria Symptoms

Malaria is a disease that causes terrible chills and head or body aches, then fever, sometimes nausea and even death. An enlarged spleen and anemia may also occur.

Malaria is caused by Plasmodium...a protozoan microorganism and there are 5 different types...the most severe being Plasmodium falciparum which can cause damage to organs and in particular the brain. Along with the symptoms already mentioned, this form of malaria is characterized by delirium and confusion, seizure and coma.

The parasite can lay dormant in your body for years before you have a Malaria outbreak with headache and high fever (103 to 104 F). Some forms of the parasite lay dormant in your liver and periodically release mature parasites inciting a Malarial outbreak. Others can lay dormant in your blood.

Children and pregnant women are most at risk of severe complications caused by Malaria.

Plasmodium...this tiny parasitic creature is transmitted through the bite of female Anopheles mosquitoes.

Malaria Treatments

It is said that Malaria can be effectively treated with a range of pharmaceutical drugs and treatments depending on the type of Malaria involved.

It is interesting to note that the best treatment for uncomplicated cases of the worst form of Malaria (Falciparum) involves one of the main ingredients in Hulda Clark's parasite remedy: sweet wormwood (artemisia annua, Chinese name: Qinghaosu).

In a recent documentary it was noted that the Chinese have completely eradicated Malaria on the Comoran Island of Mehli with a simple and inexpensive wormwood treatment.

Malaria Prevention is the Best Cure

The Malaria carrying mosquitoes tend to feed at night. If you are in malaria infected areas use mosquito repellents (lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, and cedar essential-oil based). Use mosquito nets and eliminate any standing water in your vicinity.

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